New - 3 Vallées Selfie!

photo & video booth

LES 3 VALLÉES HAS REINVENTED THE POST CARD! Look out for six ‘3 Vallées Selfie’ spots in the largest ski area on earth.

3 Vallées Selfie

Already on the ski area last winter, you will find the 3 Vallées Selfie at the crossing of Plattières, Plan des Mains and Chatelet skilifts.
Ready for your close-up? Your XXL-style selfie features you and your friends on top of the world!
No need to stretch your arms and crane your neck! Our ingenious hidden cameras take the picture for you.   Simply activate the system on your smartphone, strike a pose and smile! A few moments later you’ll receive your ‘3 Vallées Selfie’ straight to your phone: your close-up shot with THE most amazing backdrop.

And still...

Photo booth - Roc de fer & Saulire

A well-earned break!

That’s the perfect time to stop and be photographed - for free - at the top of the Olympic chairlift. And you can take the time to admire the amazing views!

How do I do? Enable WiFi on your mobile and share it on the Internet

Or, swipe your skipass on the photo booth terminal and find your picture on Meribel page.
Access Roc de Fer : Roc de Fer chairlift then Olympic Express chairlift
Access Saulire : take the Saulire Express 1 & 2 gondola

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