Elements Park : the family snowpark !

Elements Park : the family snowpark !


Come and try the freestyle !

Meribel Valley is the perfect ski area to try new snow sports safely. Different fun slopes are there for small and big skiers !

Popular for many years now, freestyle is a full snow sport. It can consist of a skier or a snowboarder performing aerial flips and spins, and can include skiers sliding rails and boxes on their skis. Moguls skiing, Ski ballet, Ski cross, Half-pipe, Slopestyle are different parts of the freestyle experience.

Accessible from the Plan de l'Homme chairlift or Arpasson skilift, here are the novelties on the Element park, the family snowpark!
Meribel decided to make this snopark easier, more accesible and more secured for beginners.
Families can try freestyle peacefully. A new host, dedicated to this area will propose you challenges every afternoons.
There are 4 different parts :
  • a M level boardercross (blue)
  • a whoops line
  • a fun cross (fun boardercross)
  • a box line level S and M (green and blue)
The Fun Cross is the highlight of the Elements Park. Just after the Whoops line, get into big turns with arches, slaloms, bumps...
A big and large boardercross which guarantee lots of fun !


Every resort snowparks


Beginner in freestyle or real pro ? Welcome to your paradise !  
Access : with the Plattières gondola - 10min rotation with the Chatelet chairlift.


Challenge your friends on the whoops and banked corners of this boardercross!
Access: Plattières Gondola or rotation with Chatelet chairlift


What about a little competition with your children ? Try to follow them on this new fun run, through the snail, little snow bridge and whoops !
Access : with the Plattières gondola - 10min rotation with the Chatelet chairlift.

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