Fondue in the sky

Fondue in the sky !

the concept :

Several time during the season, settle in Saulire Express gondolas and taste a delicious fondue!
You will start this exceptional culinary journey at an altitude of 1450m, in Meribel Centre, stop at the top of the Saulire at 2738m and go back at Meribel Centre.
It will be the perfect moment to discover Meribel Valley at the moon and stars light, another way to enjoy our beautiful mountains.
Sylvain Chardonnet, owner of the Bistrot de l'Orée, creates this concept. The all lift is used, each gondola can host 4 to 6 persons.
Booking is required.


but, where is the fondue from?

The earliest known recipe for cheese fondue as we know it today comes from a 1699 book published in Zurich, under the name "Käss mit Wein zu kochen", "to cook cheese with wine". It calls for grated or cut-up cheese to be melted with wine, and for bread to be dipped in it.

However, the name "cheese fondue", until the late 19th century referred to a preparation including eggs and cheese. It was something between scrambled eggs with cheese and a cheese soufflé.
The first know recipe for the modern cheese fondue under that name, with cheese and wine but no eggs, was published in 1875, and was already presented as a Swiss national dish. Despite its modern associations with rustic mountain life, it was a town-dweller's dish from the lowlands of western : rich cheese like Gruyère was a valuable export item which peasants could not afford to eat.


Swiss Fondue, savoy fondue, which differences?

It is mainly the type of cheese which make the difference between each cheese fondue.
Historic birthplace of the fondue, Switzerland proposes different recipes :

  • the half and half (50% gruyère, 50% vacherin)
  • the fribourgeoise (100% vacherin fribourgeois)
  • the appenzelloise (100% appenzeller)
  • the neuchâteloise (50% gruyère, 50% emmental)
  • the suisse centrale (1/3 gruyère, 1/3 emmental, 1/3 sbrinz)
  • the valaisanne (50% vacherin, 25% gruyère, 25% raclette AOC)
On the french size, two recipes spilt the headline :
  • the savoyarde (50% emmental, 50% beaufort or comté)
  • the franc-comtoise (100% comté)
So many flavours to discover !
You do not want to wait your stay in Meribel to enjoy a fondue? Do it by yourself from your place ! You will find all the cheese you need on the website of Coopérative Laitière de Moutiers !

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